Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finally back to posting

It has been quite a while since I posted to this blog. Life got in the way, and so did death. I lost my husband of 43 years suddenly to cancer December 2014, which really put me off my hobbies… I am starting to get on with life again, though there is still a lot of time involved with getting things straightened out.

Here are some of the pictures of things I have been working on in the last little while. First some dollhouse sized knitting, which were test knits for Helena Bleeker of The knitting is done, but on some I still need to add some silk ribbon and beads for buttons. The outfits are all for sale, email me at yarnshop at for more information. It is only the outfits that are for sale, the dolls are not included, since they will be needed for future pictures.



This is Betsy, a cute little dress and panties for a 2 inch baby doll,

margot red


This is Margot, a dress, slip and bloomers for a 3 inch child doll.

marigold 1


This is Marigold, a dress and bloomers for a 4 inch doll. Still needs silk ribbon at the waist and sleeves, and some buttons for the back opening. The reason this one is not displayed on a doll is because right at the moment I don’t have a 4 inch child doll. The bloomers normally would not be showing, it is just to show them in the picture.


Here are a few of the quilting things I am working on. Yes I work on lots of different things, I get quickly bored with what I am working on, so I change to another project. Most of them are totally different techniques, which makes it easier on my hands as well. With arthritis, it is better to keep changing the way you use your hands.

hexagon quilt


This is the hexagon quilt I am working on. it is being hand pieced, since I can’t stand wasting time on doing English Paper Piecing. I use Inklingo to print the cutting and stitching lines onto the back of fabric. It makes life soooo much easier, since you don’t have to do any basting onto paper, your stitches won’t be on the front, and you don’t have to spend time taking out the basting and taking out the paper again. And it is a lot more accurate, since you have a stitching line to stitch on, so even if you are a bit off with cutting, you still have a very accurate line and match points for stitching. This will eventually be a queen sized quilt for the spare bedroom.

rose star


Here is another being stitched with Inklingo, though this is being stitched on the machine. This pattern is called Rose Star. I still have a few more of the large hexagons and half hexagons to make, and then it will turn into a window quilt for my living room. I already have one window quilt top done, and another is being hand stitched. These I will show next time.


window quilt


This is one of the window quilts for the bedroom. It has been machine embroidered, all it needs is the backing, binding and stitching around the sashings. It is one of three that are almost done. It is really about time I got these finished, since the mini blinds are now over 20 years old, and are starting to disintegrate.



I will post more things like the mini stitching and maybe some of my regular sized knitting in the next post. I think this is enough for right now……

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